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Real Moms With Real Solutions.

We believe that you don’t have to struggle in order to build a healthy life.

We created The Habitized Life to help you thrive in the simplest, most meaningful ways possible.

If you read our bios you might be wondering, how did two women with very different life paths on completely different US coastlines team up?

The short answer … Instagram :)

We found each other on social media and realized that we had a lot of things in common. We are both passionate about health and wellness and have each been very successful in our respective fields… and motherhood hit us both extremely hard.

Our ability to be as physically active and engaged in our work as we were before children just wasn’t realistic for either of us.

We realized that our areas of interest and expertise (family habit change for Erin, nutrition for Nicole) were where many moms were struggling. Most productivity books and wellness plans simply aren’t written with the demands of motherhood in mind. And if you’ve ever tried to do a seven-step morning routine with your kids screaming outside the door, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

We became passionate about using our knowledge to create relatable, real-world, easily-to-apply content specifically for moms.

We want you to feel great about your own health and wellness and confident that you’re instilling healthy habits into your kids’ lives that will last beyond the extra serving of veggies at dinner.

We also want to save you from losing your $#*! and taking actions you may (no, you will!) regret later when your emotions settle. It's not about avoiding moments in which you will want to apologize to your kids, your partner, and yourself. Those moments are unavoidable. They make you human and model how to take ownership of our actions.

What we're focused on is helping you breathe through the high-stress times in each day of motherhood to limit the number of times you:

  • yell at bedtime because of a messy bedroom when really you're just tired,

  • threaten to "turn the car around" because you don't realize you're dehydrated,

  • bust your weekly budget at the grocery (and ultimately throw food away) because your body is craving foods that you don't know how to meal prep,

  • create a strict routine your family will never keep up because your schedule is so overloaded you're afraid to stop moving, or

  • cry hidden in the bathroom not because of anything that happened today but because you miss the independent woman you used to be years ago,

We've been through all of these moments too. We get it. Our own motherhood journeys have left us fed up with all of the apps and authors talking about healthy habits and growth mindset to moms without experiencing motherhood for a full 24 hours let alone for every single day of our f'ing lives for eternity.

Have you had a similar conversation with a mom friend too? Forward this post to her and let her know we get her. We'd clink coffee cups and toast "to not losing our $#*!" with you both if we could!

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