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The Habitized Life Team

Meet the humans that bring you The Habitized Life.

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Erin Galloway


My entire career has focused on behavior change and how small choices add up to have a big impact.

I hold a Master's degree in Child and Human Development and I've served on the leadership team of opening and operating two innovative early childhood education centers for both The Ohio State University and Johns Hopkins University, along with launching unprecedented international service-learning initiatives for both institutions.


After moving away two times, life keeps bringing me back to Ohio. Now I am building a beautiful blended family with a childhood friend and have more time to be present as a full-time entrepreneur. 

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Nikole Sarvay


Nikole is a graphic & web designer and digital strategist. As Creative Director, she crafts all of the visual elements for The Habitized Life - both print and digital - and ensures a cohesive visual story is told across all of THL's product lines. 

As a a former social worker, nothing makes Nikole happier than giving people tangible tools to help them on their journey. She is based in Richmond, Virginia where she lives with her husband and two children.

To see more of Nikole's work, you can visit her website

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Lillian Jane


She is the purpose behind Habitize Publishing LLC and reads every publication before it is submitted to print. 

As a struggling early reader, she was open to spending countless hours in the library and at home learning to read. She was drawn to books focused on optimism, diversity, overcoming challenges, and handling difficult emotions but the topics of traditional reading interventions were not "clicking". So we decided to create our own tools! 

Together, Erin and Lily started to design characters, habit trackers, writing journals, learning activities, etc that ultimately lead to her reading ABOVE GRADE LEVEL and thriving as an independent reader. 

She reminds us all to not underestimate what a curious mind can do!

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Ellen Brabant


Ellen (on the right), assist's in the creation, optimization, and management of various digital content for The Habitized Life and Habitize Publishing, including Etsy, Amazon Storefront, blog posts, social media updates, and more.


She is a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters student with a passion for holistic wellness and self development. Being a Reiki Master, she sees clients for Reiki energy work on a regular basis. She lives in Cleveland, OH with her rescue Pit Mix named Wish.

Lauren Galloway


Lauren (on the left), Supports the development of clients’ children’s books and professional journals, working 1:1 with Erin and clients to get one step closer to hitting publish! Beyond manuscripts, Lauren assists in managing the Habitized Life Blog, Pinterest page, and provides administration support for the Press Publish Podcast hosted by Erin. Through Habitize Publishing, she offers various services such as KDP e-book formation and client social media content creation to help new and recurring clients grow their community! 


Beyond Habitize Publishing, Lauren holds a bachelor's degree in Health Behavior Science and a Concentration in Strength and Conditioning. She takes her passion for habit formation and fitness to provide online personal training services. You may find her rock climbing, running, or at the beach when she is not working! She lives in Norfolk, VA.

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