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Tools to help you take action. 

We've got so many ways to support you on your habit journey.

We understand every family dynamic is unique.

At HL we choose the word "caregiver" because we support homes with dual parents, single parents, blended families, adopted families, etc. There are so many beautiful definitions of "family." No two families are alike and therefore no two families will approach habits in the same way.

We also understand every clinician, coach, and CEO has a unique approach.

Habit building is a team activity but every team lead has an approach based on their own personal and professional experience. We are creating tools that support health and wellness goals regardless of your team's and client's stages, ages, and abilities. 

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Spark Curiosity


Our custom designed kids doodle journals and habit trackers offer prompts that promote a growth mindset and introduce the power of mantras. You can empower your early learner and preteen to start practicing daily habits through tracing, writing, drawing, coloring, habit tracking and parent-child reflection. 

These journals are filled with activities that can be completed by kids ages 3+ as part of a monthly, quarterly, or yearly routine. These inspiring prompts are designed using familiar preschool and grade school learning methods but with unique words and phrases that help children learn language that encourages mindfulness, gratitude, and confidence.


Programs & Guides


We want to meet you where you are and help you rediscover a sustainable, healthy reality for yourself, your family, and your clients. Healthy habits should be a meaningful part of the culture you live and work in and our tools are designed to support your journey of building (or rebuilding!) habits that keep you curious of what you and your clients are capable of.

Our programs and guides are primarily designed around a 30, 60, or 90-day format but can be completed independently at your own pace. We also designed our content to be adaptable so you can be still be participating whether you are at home, work, or in your car.


You are always on the go and we want to be right there beside you cheering you on along the way! 



50 Ways to Boost Your Child's Habits

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Have you set goals for your school day or homeschool habits but are afraid your family's routines (or lack-there-of) might throw you off track?


Our 50 Ways to Boost Your Child's Habits Start Here Strategies Guide is filled with inspiration and ideas for how you can keep your family aligned with your goals and improve their habits too! Designed for caregivers with littles from preschool to grade school, our guide is intended for family's with one or more children of different ages, stages, and abilities to be more confident in introducing habits at home and create a calmer environment with less yelling and more connection. 

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