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Navigating Podcast Guest Interviews as a Self-Published Author

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In today’s episode, Erin is joined by Kacey Hayes, a podcast host who supports people in maximizing their first podcast experiences. This episode explores the world of podcast guesting for authors and provides tips and tricks for listeners to practice in their own lives. This episode unravels the many layers of podcasting as a marketing strategy that allows authors to amplify their presence, share their stories, and connect with a broader audience. Discover the valuable insights, tips, and expert advice that will help you unlock the full potential of podcast guesting as an author. Whether you're a seasoned author or just starting your journey, this blog post will provide you with a sneak peek of essential guidance on harnessing the intimate and collaborative nature of podcasting.

  • You may need to reframe your mindset about podcast guesting. Instead of feeling like you're asking for a favor, view it as a gift of value that you're offering to hosts and their audience. Podcast hosts are often seeking high-quality guests to provide value to their audience. It is your chance to share your story and impact the audience in a way no one else could.

  • When considering which podcasts to approach for guesting, focus on factors like audience alignment, estimated audience size, and shared values. Strike a balance between research and intuition. It is helpful to stay organized by keeping a spreadsheet to track potential podcasts, outreach efforts, and follow-ups. The key is to follow a systematic approach that feels manageable and sustainable; don’t let the process get too overwhelming!

  • Understand that feeling nervous before an interview is completely normal. Even experienced podcasters and interviewees still experience nerves. It's okay to feel anxious or doubtful. If you're new to podcasting, don't be afraid to try different preparation methods and see what works best for you. Testing different approaches will help you understand how you perform best in various circumstances.

  • If an interview doesn't go as planned, consider sharing your experience honestly with your audience. This authenticity can be engaging and relatable for your followers. People are naturally curious about the behind-the-scenes of interviews. Sharing the challenges or unexpected moments can be intriguing to your audience.

Check out Kacey’s podcast, @podmakers, on your favorite podcast platform!

For podcast guesting support, reach out to Kacey through her website:

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