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Join the Habit Catalyst newsletter today! I follow the trends so you can share, tweet, and post about habits like a habit catalyst without having to do the work.

Collaborations and custom consulting are available on a single or recurring basis. Review a few ideas for inspiration below and send me a message to start the conversation! 


Ready to be a Habit Catalyst too?

Thanks for trusting us. We are excited to support you!

Habit Accelerator Private Session

You know what you need to do but breakthroughs happen faster talking out loud with someone else! Contact me to discuss a 1:1 virtual 90 min session so you’ll be habitizing your home or business in 90 days or less with a custom habit roadmap.

Habit Accelerator Group Session

Designing and maintaining systems teams will use repeatedly before they see results of the effort is a common challenge. Contact me to discuss team virtual 90 min sessions so your team will be habitizing systems in 90 days or less with a custom habit roadmap.

Habit Accelerator
Live Training

My background in curriculum development and large-group facilitation has led me to love the stage! Send me an email with information about an upcoming training event you are hosting and let’s talk about how I can support your training goals. 

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Content Guest Contributor

Connecting with others through writing is my ultimate happy place. If your blog or newsletter would benefit from content related to habits, send me an email with a link to your blog or a sample newsletter and we’ll explore opportunities to work together.

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Podcast or Coaching Circle Guest Expert

If my journey, and love for nerdy research, can benefit your community then it will serve a greater purpose. Send me an email with a link to your podcast or coaching program along with 2-3 ideas for how I can support your community and we’ll see where the conversation takes us. 

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Special Feature of Your Products & Tools 

 If you are a creative problem solver, let me know more about you! I want to share the most innovative products and services on the HL blog and social accounts so don’t make me wait to find you. Email me and maybe you’ll be my next feature! 

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