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From Concept to Kickstarter: How a Card Game Campaign is Impacting Early Learning

In this unscripted episode of Press Publish, Erin chats with Maya Burr, a licensed clinical social worker driven by her passion for parenting and education. Maya's innovative creation, "The Power of Two," takes center stage as she reveals her journey in developing a unique card game to nurture problem-solving and self-regulation skills in children under six. Through this episode, listeners gain an intimate view of Maya's path from the Kickstarter launch to the resounding success of her campaign. Join us in celebrating Maya's dedication to empowering young minds, and stay tuned for her forthcoming ventures, promising more tailored interventions to meet the distinct needs of children during their formative years.

  • Sometimes, the best moments and ideas happen in spontaneous, unscripted encounters. Trusting the process and being open to new connections can lead to unexpected opportunities. Building a network of like-minded individuals who share your goals and values can be invaluable. In this case, being parents and educators united by a common belief in mutual support paved the way for a meaningful conversation.

  • Testing a product or content with a target audience before finalizing it can lead to crucial insights. Valuing feedback and being open to iteration can significantly improve the final outcome. Prioritizing quality in both content and physical products can set your work apart. Recognizing the importance of longevity and durability, especially in educational tools, speaks to a commitment to lasting impact.

  • Viewing a project as a starting point and envisioning how it can evolve or expand into a broader range of offerings can provide a clear roadmap for the future. Being open to learning, especially in unfamiliar areas like business operations, is crucial. Recognize that there will be challenges along the way. Be willing to adapt and seek solutions while keeping the long-term vision in mind.

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