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Turning Verses into Volumes: A Poet's Journey to Publishing

Join us for this episode of the Press Publish Podcast, where Erin shares a candid conversation with yet another talented author. In this episode, we are joined by Jon Davis, an author who took a collection of scattered notes, poems, and thoughts and transformed them into a book titled "Becoming More Human." Jon's journey is a testament to the creative process, demonstrating how individual ideas can evolve into a published work. This episode offers valuable insights into the author's creative process, sharing practical steps and experiences that can inspire aspiring writers and creators on their own journeys. Read along to gain insights on the key takeaways from this episode!

  • Jon's creative journey began with a simple practice, morning pages, inspired by Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way." This practice of writing three freehand pages every morning helped him build a consistent writing habit. Jon emphasizes that you can start your creative journey by establishing a simple, daily practice that nurtures your creativity.

  • Jon's author journey was not meticulously planned from the start. He found that writing revealed itself to him gradually, and he didn't wait for everything to be perfect. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hinder your creative journey. Start with what you have and let the process evolve over time.

  • Jon believes that what wants to be written has an impulse to be born through you. Your job is to show up and let it move through you. Trust in the creative process and allow the words or ideas to flow through you. Be a vessel for the expression of what wants to be shared.

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