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Decide Not To Be Indecisive

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Have you ever met someone that NEVER makes decisions? Where do you want to eat tonight? I dunno. What do you want to do today? I dunno. What color should we paint the bedroom? I dunno.

Being around someone who never makes decisions is annoying. But being indecisive is actually exhausting. And, choosing to revisit the same decision over and over again (I’m going to lose ten pounds! I’m going to take up running! I’m going to journal every day!) is a mindfuck (#sorrynotsorry) that can almost stop you from taking even one step forward at all.

You know change is going to lead to a greater quality of life but something holds you back.

Can you relate to this?

Before you fall asleep, your positive self-talk BFF is on point and you're ready to tackle tomorrow with fresh eyes and an open mind. When the alarm goes off in the morning, however, the mean girl negative talk greets you telling you the snooze button is your friend and today is not the day for a fresh start. You’re not even out of bed and you’ve already changed your mind.

And while it's true that new behavior takes more mental energy and attention AT FIRST, over time it simply becomes your new normal.

Ambivalence is often at the core of "New Year New You" messages women get bombarded with in December every year. Trainers, gyms, MLM weight loss products all tell you that January 1st is your day to get started!

They know you'll remain ambivalent through the holidays and are banking on the fact that you will feel so gluttonous by January 1 that you'll be ready to hit a new stage of change.

So...why wait? Why not just start right now? What's keeping you from making a change immediately after reading this post? There is nothing more magical about starting January 1st at 5am than there is about starting today at 2:11pm.

Let's practice shaking that ambivalence away with one small change in your routine today! We're here to provide the framework for success and the guidance to make goal setting painless with our FREE Habitize Roadmap Action Guide. So tell me ... what change could you stick with for 30 days starting NOW!

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