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Wake Up Call Podcast EP 72: How to Bring Self-Compassion to Habits in Your Life & Make Them Stick

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Alicia Hopkins, Host of the Wake Up Call podcast discussed all things habits, and how to make them stick with Erin Galloway, the Founder of Habitize Publishing! Here we will highlights the key points discussed in the episode.

Theme/ purpose/ summary

“I need to start eating healthier, I need to get into the habit of working out, I need to wake up earlier …” There are so many habits we think we need to do. However, we are all unique and so should be the approach towards building and sticking with habits. Using habits as a tool rather than attaching habits to your self-worth will foster more compassion for yourself and help make the positive habits stick.


  • Habits are a tool to decrease the mental load, make your life more efficient, and allow you to free up mental space. Neuroplasticity: when we repeatedly do something, it becomes easier and easier to do that thing.

  • Bringing more compassion to habits, refraining from labeling them as good or bad, and being patient with yourself can help make habits stick and be more enjoyable.

  • Good better best days

    • Best days: you have completed all the habits you're working hard on!

    • Better days: you have completed most of the habits you're working on, but one or two were unachievable that day.

    • Good days: you completed some of your habits, but most were difficult that day. These are the days to be the most compassionate with yourself because you’re only human!

  • Anchor habits: a short list of consistent habits you want to do no matter the condition. These are the habits that serve you best and help reduce stress. If habits are stressful to maintain, it will feel difficult to make them stick. Prioritize your anchor habits before adding habits!

Listen to the Full Episode:

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