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Progress Over Perfection

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Let's be clear on who we envisioned as the ideal client for The Habitized Life programming when we started creating the app.

She's NOT the woman who completes all the workouts and the exploration questions on time every single day.

She's NOT the woman who writes complete sentences every time and has a notebook overflowing with answers to questions, quotes, mantras, stickers, drawings, tabs etc.

She's NOT the woman who prints off all the worksheets and completes them every night after she stretches, does her regular nighttime routine, does a 10 min meditation session, and sets her alarm for 8 hours of continuous sleep.

Kudos to any of you who meet that description but we are betting when you are envisioning that woman you are remembering back to a time when YOU were that woman.

We believe you have everything within you to bring that version of yourself back to the present day. But odds are today, you were not that woman 365 days in a row this year and you won't be that woman 365 days next year either.

If you're like us, your intentions and your actions are at a constant tug-o-war every f'ing moment of every f'ing day.

We designed these programs for our ideal clients who we know will:

  • Miss workouts or exploration questions or both for a day (or maybe multiple days)

  • Watch videos in the car between kids activities and school drop-offs

  • Grab a leftover notebook from back-to-school shopping to serve as the program journal

  • Open the app, close the app, open the app again for the 500th time torn between taking time for yourself and doing a quick task for a kiddo you're afraid you're going to forget

But whenever you find yourself feeling off track, use these 5 tips to prioritize next steps and not rush through the process.

Watch all the videos you missed first. Almost all videos are 5 min or less. Absorbing content in the videos alone will be transformational.

Write the exploration questions in your journal even when taking time to answer the questions feels stressful. This is not a timed test or homework to turn in. Whatever comes to the surface when answering the exploration question is for you and only you. Minimally write down the questions so you'll be ready to dive in whenever you find a free moment.

Scribble down whatever comes to mind when you first read an exploration question. The first words that come to mind are instinctual and have a purpose. If you don't enjoy seeing scribbles or incomplete thoughts in your journal, jot down the first reactions on a post-it and add it to the page before coming back and answering the questions with more time and clarity.

Restart week one! If you missed the whole first week, or two for that matter, just go back in your calendar and start fresh. The program was designed to be more intense to start so if you're already into Monday of week 2 but missed most of first week, simply declare "Today is day 1!". Scroll back in the calendar feature of the app and restart the week 1 workouts like you're right on time. One the beauties of an independent program like ours is that no one see how you are using the program and the app features but you!

Practice with an existing habit. Release the pressure of choosing "the right habits". This is a process you'll refine over time with practice. So instead of walking through the Habit Roadmap or other exercises to identify new habits, try using a habit your are already doing to walk through the workouts. Watch Nicole's video to see if her example may work for you!

So let us reassure you that right now, you're not behind, you're not wasting your money, you're not dropping the ball with one more thing on your to-do list. You're right where you're supposed to be.

Let us meet you where you are.

DM directly in the app if you feel like you'd benefit from some additional support. We're here for you.

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