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Turning Setbacks into Stepping Stones: An 18-Year-Old Author Shares Her Story.

In this episode of Press Publish, Erin is joined by Lorra Dailey, an 18-year-old author with an inspiring author journey. Lorra's book, "What Makes Me: ABC Affirmations to Empower," is a testament to determination and a clear mission. Raised with personal development as a core family value, her affirmations aim to instill confidence in children. Lorra shares her experience with self-publishing, including a pivotal setback in the illustration process. Her story emphasizes the importance of clear communication and resilience for aspiring authors. Lorra’s approach to self-publishing is insightful, showcasing the potential for self-published authors to make an impact. Beyond the book, her startup, Thrivable Kids, provides personal growth resources for kids and is continuing her passion beyond the book. Lorra's dedication to empowerment is a call to action for anyone seeking inspiration on their journey of self-expression. Stay listening till the end of the episode to hear Laura read her book!

  • Lorra’s story reminds us that creativity knows no age limit. It's a reminder that there's no 'right' time to pursue creative passions. Whenever inspiration strikes, let it fuel the fire to start your creative journey. Remember that your unique perspective is valuable and worth sharing with the world.

  • Growing up in the personal development space, Lorra underscores the importance of immersing yourself in what you're passionate about. Surround yourself with the subjects, activities, and communities that inspire you. The more you immerse yourself in your passion, the more it will become a driving force in your creative journey.

  • Like any creative pursuit, Lorra’s journey had its share of setbacks. However, what sets her apart is her resilience. She didn't let obstacles define her journey; instead, she used them as stepping stones to propel herself forward. This resilience is a vital trait for any creative individual. Setbacks are not the end of the road but opportunities for growth and learning.

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