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The Habitized Life


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The Habitized Life Method was developed to show caregivers, coaches, clinicians, and CEOs how to dig deeper to uncover the real reasons behind the goals we set for ourselves and others.
First we figure out the WHY and then we work on the HOW.
If you or your client doesn’t know why you’re doing something, the habit isn’t going to stick!

By focusing on core values, the HL Method gives attention to who we want to be more than how we perform actions accurately.  Our tools and resources are designed to:

Promote shifts that are small but intentional to avoid big swings of temporary change. 

Visualize "being well" as a group activity that encourages everyone--no matter what age, stage, or ability-- to feel more connected through wellness. 

Do less to accelerate change so the list of habits is attainable and aligned with your life today - not the life you had in the past. 

Prioritize the most essential motivator(s) right now and gives you permission to direct time and energy into one area of your life without guilt or shame of excluding another.

Focus on what you can control and release what you can't control like the number on the scale or how other people respond to your boundaries. 

Choose momentum over motivation so taking action is a habit you can depend on.

Habits are intended to make our life EASIER not harder. 

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Less Hustling. More Habitizing.

Good habits are not a destination - they are a journey. 

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Want to learn more about The Habitized Life Method?

Download a starter set of writing pages to boost healthy habits and build a growth mindset.

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