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Welcome to Habitize Publishing

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The word "habit" stirs up different emotions for each of us because we all have childhood memories of perceived healthy and unhealthy habits that influence how we live our lives today.

Whether you were raised in a home filled with healthy habits, toxic unhealthy habits, or your family's habits were consistently inconsistent, you are most likely here because you are ready to break a cycle that is no longer serving you, your family, or people you value most.

We knew focusing on habits was going to be the keystone of our work together but we didn't expect to fall in love with creating habit trackers.

Then a few months ago we started to notice a trend during our morning check-in calls. I was telling Nicole about the habit tracker ideas we were working on before I was updating her about any other aspect of our business.

So the launch of Habitize Publishing LLC as a "sister company" for Nicole Darabi LLC and The Habitized Life went from a dream to reality! My daughter thinks it's incredible that we could launch a business like this together and it's so fun to watch her shine being my favorite Editor.

Then the motto came to me ... Less hustling. More habitizing. YESSSS!!! We were on to something by helping you build a habitize mindset.

At Habitize Publishing we believe habits get a bad rap.

When most people hear the word "habit" they typically think of unhealthy habits related to substance abuse, overeating, or spending too much time scrolling on social. But those are simply behaviors that have become a habit just like eating veggies, moving 30 minutes a day, or meditation is a behavior that can become a habit too.

At Habitize Publishing we believe each of us, regardless of age, stage, or ability, can transform our beliefs about habits by building up more consistent health-conscious habits to improve our quality of life and spark curiosity about what we are capable of.

The impact of shifting our daily routines to include more habits for yourself, your family, or any team you lead is just waiting to be discovered. Consider how simple changes in routines could help:

  • teachers improve classroom management and independent study skills

  • homeschool families implement smoother learning start or ending routines

  • nannies build consistent communication with families

  • coaches focus on team-building and individual fundamental skill development

  • volunteer group leaders keep members engaged between meetings

  • and more!

Habitize Publishing is building tools to help you, your team, or your family habitize your life in 3 main ways!

1- Locking in a "habitize mindset" for entrepreneurs and executives with families through custom accelerator programs available in the Habitized Life app and private accountability support from Erin.

2- Building up a "habitize mindset" for small business teams, schools, and organizations through individualized troubleshooting and training with Erin that will also include the creation of customized tools and trackers for the professionals (or kids!) you lead.

3- Passing on a "habitize mindset" with young children, tweens, and teens through journals and books you can purchase independently and practice on your own.

If you are longing for more freedom and less frustration in your life, let's look a part of your day and see how we can habitize it to become more efficient for you! It's possible and we're excited to show you how!

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