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Wake Up Call Podcast EP 82: How to Find and Use Your Voice

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Host of the Wake Up Call Podcast, Alicia Hopkins, discusses using your voice and living an authentic life with Founder of Habitize Publishing, Erin Galloway. Read along to hear the highlights and key points of the conversation before listening to the full episode!


It is okay to speak your thoughts. Your opinions, words, and thoughts are valuable and deserve to be heard! Using your own voice opens space for others to relate to you and feel motivated to share their story.


  • Using your voice creates a ripple effect and inspires others to share their story. Society makes us afraid to show the ugly, but we are all longing to feel connection.

  • There is power in acting and speaking intentionally. You never know how using your voice can impact those around you in a beautiful way!

  • We all have something to give, but our limiting beliefs hold us back from thinking so. We need to re-wire our brains to think, why not me?

Listen to the full episode:

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