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Self-published Spotlight: Rachel Walt

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Rachel Walt is the founder and CEO of Craftingood. Read on as we discuss her newly, self-published journal, Change Your World From the Inside Out.

Change Your World from the Inside Out

A 60-day personal development journal guiding you through human design through contemplation, reflection, and creative exercises. These pages offer daily, weekly, and monthly prompts to help ignite curiosity in living true to your energetic self. Become empowered to live authentically! Find it here on Amazon.

More About the Author! Rachel is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Reiki Master. She has personally used Human Design to guide her own life and has discovered the beauty of self-publishing to help spread her knowledge. She always had the intention of writing a book, but felt it was too big of a project. After being curious and exploring self-publishing, she realized the possibilities are endless. With her passion for human design, she brainstormed a number of ways to share her knowledge and concluded with a journal for the reader to explore deeper routes in themselves.

Explore If you are a change-maker, entrepreneur, creative, organization, or if you resonate with Rachel's story, explore Craftingood’s website to see more resources on Human Design. Rachel offers 1:1 coaching, reiki meditations, and has collaborated with others to provide resources geared toward your overall well-being.

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