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Self-Published Spotlight: Alicia Hopkins

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Alicia Hopkins is a self-published author and host of the Wake-Up Call Podcast. Read on as we learn more about the author, her new journal, and her Podcast.

Bring Your Shit to Light Constructed from the author’s personal experience with anxiety, self-doubt, and overwhelm, this journal guides you on a journey of self-discovery and explores why you are settling for a life that is “just fine.” It helps you unpack the limiting beliefs holding you back from living authentically. This journal is self-paced, offering prompts, short meditations, and freewriting spaces to let your thoughts flow naturally. Find it here on Amazon!

More About the Author! Alicia’s life path was on a linear track. She went to college, advanced through jobs, and got married. All was well from the looks of it on the outside, but internally, Alicia knew she wasn’t living true to herself. Because of limiting beliefs holding her back, Alicia never thought writing a book was for her. She saw other authors on the shelf at bookstores and thought, “They have something I don’t.” After creating awareness around her limiting beliefs, Alicia harnessed the power of believing in herself and decided to write her first book Bring Your Shit to Light.

Explore the Wake-up Call Podcast Alicia dives into topics on mindfulness, movement, habits, and growth. Her goal for the podcast is to provide listeners with valuable and actionable tips on how to build the life they desire. Listen in every week with Alicia, and special guests, to hear about their personal experiences!

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