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Protein Banana Nut Muffins

Oh how I love convenience. These little muffins have become an absolute staple in our household over the years. If they are not fully stocked in the fridge with a back up stash in the freezer, you can see my husband’s face turn to shear panic! These muffins ARE our healthy convenience “go to meal” usually for pre or post workout.

I first learned how to make a simplified version of this recipe from my coach Kristi Tauti when I began training for my fist bikini competition. I was just beginning to learn how to cook in bulk and had no idea what the hell I was doing! Many of you tell me that I make it look easy but trust me, I had A LOT of screw ups (and still do every now and then!) I probably texted my coach a thousand times with questions the first time I made these, mostly wondering why my muffins didn’t look like hers, smell like hers or taste nearly as great as hers. I was stuck with 8 servings of flat, lifeless, chewy blobs of oatmeal and egg whites. Mmmmm sounds appetizing right? Ga-ross!

After years of experimenting, I’m happy to report these muffins are my most requested and beloved recipe. Hopefully I’ve made all the mistakes for you so that you can cook up a batch of these goodies for yourself!

Yield: 8 Servings, 3 muffins/serving


  • You’ll need 2 muffin tins

  • 4 cups quick cook oatmeal – could use Gluten free if needed

  • Trader Joe’s Spray Coconut Oil

  • 3 boxes or 6 Cups liquid cage free egg whites

  • 1/2 cup applesauce

  • 4 full droppers of french vanilla stevia

  • 2 tbsp vanilla extract

  • 2 bananas

  • Cinnamon – Cover the top of the Vitamix

  • 2 Tbsp baking powder

  • 2 walnuts per muffin


  1. Preheat oven, 350 degrees

  2. Measure 4 cups of dry oatmeal in Vitamix

  3. Pour 3 boxes (or 6 cups) of liquid egg whites into Vitamix  – You can also use a blender but may have to cut the recipe in half because of size difference

  4. Measure stevia, vanilla extract, and baking powder, add to blender

  5. Add applesauce, bananas, and cinnamonPut lid on & blend on high for a couple of minutes

  6. While that is mixing… Thoroughly grease muffin tin with Trader Joes Spray coconut oil – you will have enough batter to fill each cup to the top and you don’t want them to stick!

  7. Drop in walnuts

  8. Bake 28 min – I’ve mastered these muffins and 28 minutes seems to be the perfect cook time for fluffy muffins but ovens do vary so make a note about yours for next time.

  9. Let cool – When cool, muffins should easily come out of tin – put 3 muffins in each ziplock bag.

I usually bake 2 rounds of these for 16 servings total for the week.  My theory is, if the oven is already on take advantage!  I keep 4 servings in the fridge at all times, the rest I freeze and pull out as needed during the week.  This cuts down on having to cook again in the middle of the week…which we all know won’t happen because we’re busy


Macro count // 3 Muffins per serving Calories – 329 Carbs – 37g Protein – 31g Fat – 12g

THE INSIDE JOB: containers to use, how long it lasts, how much to prep, mistakes not to make, how to add custom flavor….etc.

  • Ziplock baggies baby! Easy to store in the fridge, takes up less space than glass Tupperware.  Easy to grab and go and toss or reuse the ziplock after. Can eat them cold on the go or reheat for 45 sec in microwave…never reheat in plastic!

  • Will last 5-6 days in fridge or months in the freezer

  • Do not over cook – mix ingredients well -Remember you’re making 8 servings so be sure to use enough extract and stevia for flavor because they contain no added sugar.

  • For fall & winter you can sub out the applesauce, banana, and walnuts for pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, and pecans

  • Can exchange any type of frozen fruit you want

  • Can use greek yogurt to soften instead of applesauce

  • Sub out different types of stevia for alternate flavor

  • LOVE my Vitamix blender! It’s perfect for making large batches of muffins & soups amongst other things.

Remember, it’s YOU vs. YOU!


I LOVE hearing what you have to say. Be sure to leave me a comment or ask a question here. If you want more health and fitness inspiration make sure to subscribe or give me a follow on Instagram.

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