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Embracing the Blank Spaces: Taking a Leap into Self-Publishing

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

On this episode of Press Publish, we're joined by Randi Woods, a close friend of Erin and representative of aspiring authors. In this episode, Erin and Randi discuss turning writings into a tangible book, which resonates with many like Randi. While Randi loves writing, she hasn't chosen a specific theme for a published book, a common challenge for unpublished authors. Erin offers a solution: compiling Randi's writings into a journal or devotional format for reflection and growth. Join us to explore the world of unpublished authors, their challenges, and the transformative power of self-publishing. Discover the hidden potential in your writings and explore the opportunities to bring them to life in book form.

  • Randi discusses the challenges she faces in taking the step towards self-publishing. She mentions struggles with focus, intentionality, and valuing her work. She experiences barriers to getting started due to the fear of not knowing where to begin and feeling overwhelmed by the process. Erin offers some solutions to these common challenges that many self-published authors face.

  • Erin and Randi draw parallels between self-publishing and running a race. Just as a 5K can be an achievable goal for someone new to running, self-publishing a journal can be a manageable starting point for an aspiring author.

  • Randi mentions the importance of doing things for oneself, not just for others. They discuss the internal satisfaction and confidence boost that comes from accomplishing a personal goal, whether running a race or publishing a book. Randi highlights the importance of committing to oneself and prioritizing personal growth.

Listen to the full episode:

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