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How this author turned her bedtime stories into children's books!

In this episode of the Press Publish Podcast, we chat with self-published author Melanie Willis. She shares her journey of passion-driven storytelling with her children, spotlighting her new book, “Marty the Ghost on the Ceiling,” co-authored with her son, Parker, just in time for Halloween. Melanie reflects on her earlier works, "Candy Town" and “Giant Town,” and how she's turned publishing into a family affair, encouraging creativity and learning. She opens up about the hurdles and victories of self-publishing, emphasizing the power of persistence and acquiring new skills. Explore how Melanie's commitment to her children's literary experiences has blossomed into a series of holiday-themed books. Learn about her strategies for incorporating educational elements, activities, and character merchandise to elevate the reading adventure for kids.

  • Melanie started her author journey by creating bedtime stories for her children, which eventually led to the publication of her books. Melanie discusses that starting small and growing your projects over time is perfectly okay for success in the self-publishing space.

  • Melanie involved her children in the creative process of writing the stories, which not only made the experience special for them but also gave them a sense of ownership and pride in the final product. She expresses how much joy she feels in creating books and the satisfaction of knowing her children have something special to cherish. Erin and Melanie discuss the importance of finding fulfillment in the creative process.

  • Melanie has a long-term vision for her author journey, including plans for future holiday-themed books. She highlights the importance of setting goals and having a vision for where you want your projects to go. As a multi-passionate author and working mother, she discusses how important it is to balance personal passions and professional responsibilities.

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