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How Rachel Walt Used Human Design to Harness Her Intuition and Boost Creativity Through Publishing

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

This week on the Press Publish Podcast, Erin is joined by Rachel Walt, author, coach, human energetics expert, and founder of Listen along to dive deep into behind-the-scenes of Rachel’s publishing journey. Rachel and Erin discuss the process and vision behind her journal, Change Your World From the Inside Out.

  • Success, goals, and processes vary by client and are uniquely personal. When Rachel connected with Erin and Habitize Publishing, she realized how realistic and possible it is to become an author. Prior to her self-publishing experience, she had tunnel vision about what goes into publishing a book. She had expectations holding her back from hitting publish and owning the title “published author.” Once she pressed publish for herself, she learned to lean into the flow and not be controlling over expectations.

  • Something unique to Rachel is that she leads by following her gut response to make decisions. It is part of her human design to use her energetic patterns and blueprints to streamline the publishing process. Self-publishing allows authors to make decisions when aligned with their life and energy. Rather than strict deadlines and rigid processes in traditional publishing, self-publishing is a space for the author to have full control over the publishing process.

  • Publishing can feel very vulnerable. It can be scary to put your work into the world and be upfront for people to review and judge. Rachel talks about how important it is to stay true to your words and be proud of the product you are putting out into the world.

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