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Life as a Multi-Passionate Author: How this Coach Leveraged Storytelling to Attract More Readers

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, Erin is joined by self-published author Aaron Velky. His book, "Let Her Play," shares heartfelt experiences coaching girls' soccer for over a decade. The book empowers parents and coaches to support young women in sports, fostering confidence and growth. Aaron discusses his motivation for writing on this topic and how the book evolved. He reflects on reader feedback and its impact on perspectives and behavior. The conversation touches on the challenges of authentic writing while respecting boundaries and staying true to one's vision as an author.

  • Aaron emphasizes that writing and self-publishing a book is an artistic expression, and authors should be authentic and true to their vision, even if it might provide a new perspective to some readers.

  • Aaron advises entrepreneurs and authors to go deeper into their chosen subject matter rather than trying to widen their scope with multiple projects. The speaker considered different variations of the original book but ultimately realized that staying true to the core message and focusing on it in various forms would be more effective.

  • Looking back, he acknowledges that, given his current knowledge and experiences, he might have written the book differently. However, it is essential to publish the best version possible at the time and keep evolving with each work.

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