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Behind the Scenes of Creating a Podcast: Insights Every Aspiring Podcaster Should Hear

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, Kristen Stegall, a podcast production and management expert, shares invaluable industry insights and practical advice. With experience supporting over 20 clients in launching their podcasts, Kristen helps them overcome limiting beliefs to publish episodes successfully. She and Erin provide practical tips for publishing, podcasting, and content creation. Kristen discusses the significance of keywords, social media promotion, marketing, and the evolving podcast landscape. Her passion and dedication inspire listeners to unleash their podcasting potential. Join the episode to take your show to the next level!

  • Podcasting is an accessible platform: Podcasting requires minimal equipment, and with the free recording and hosting platforms available, it’s easy for anyone to get started.

  • Building a loyal audience takes time, and engaging and interacting with listeners is essential to strengthen the podcast's community. Consistent communication and value-driven content are crucial for maintaining interest. It's essential to consistently promote and discuss it, using various platforms and keywords to reach a broader audience.

  • Honoring energy management: Recognizing the importance of managing energy and avoiding burnout is vital for long-term success in podcasting. Taking breaks, strategically planning content, and avoiding overcommitment is essential for sustaining a podcasting journey.

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