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Finding Your Unique Perspective and Communicating with Impact

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

On today's episode of Press Publish, we're joined by Regina Carswell Russo, CEO of Right Now Communications. Regina, a former journalist, now helps people connect their message to their audience. She discusses transitioning from anchor to communication strategist and overcoming challenges authors face. Regina's expertise covers strategic communications, public speaking, crisis management, and media relations, offering practical advice and inspiration. Join us to explore the power of storytelling and self-expression.

  • When sharing your story or promoting your book, authenticity is key. Be yourself, share your journey, and let your true voice shine. People connect with real, relatable individuals.

  • Clearly understand why you're writing your book or pursuing your project. Identifying the problem you're addressing and the value you're offering helps you communicate effectively and connect with your target audience. Repeating your core message helps your audience remember and identify with your brand or work. It's through repetition that your message truly sinks in.

  • Use various platforms to share your message, from social media to personal appearances. Tailor your communication to each platform and engage with your target audience where they already spend their time. Leverage personal connections, both online and offline, to share your book. Attend relevant events, join groups, and share your story with people with similar interests.

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