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Empowering Busy Moms: The Journey of Creating the Say Yes to You Planner

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, Erin talks to Heather Reed, author of The Say Yes to You Planner—a 90-day planner for busy moms that emphasize self-care. Heather's inspiration for the planner came from a year of feeling overwhelmed. Now, at version 2.0, the planner is central to Heather's coaching business. It's either a standalone tool or integrated into coaching, offering support and accountability. Heather also shares her self-publishing journey, highlighting the importance of overcoming fears and limitations to finally "hit publish" and share your story.

  • Heather identified a need for a planner that met her specific requirements as a mother, business owner, and individual with ADHD. This personal connection helped her understand her potential customers' pain points and needs.

  • Heather evolved the product over time based on user feedback and her experiences. This iterative approach allowed her to refine the planner's design, features, and functionality, leading to a 2.0 version that better met the needs of her customers.

  • Heather shared how she overcame the fear of making mistakes and launched the product despite concerns about imperfections. This highlights the importance of taking action and realizing that mistakes are part of the journey. Her journey of creating a physical product encourages others to act on their ideas and not wait for external validation to bring their visions to life.

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