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Awakening the Goddess Within: Unleashing Self-Love and Healing with First-Time Author Kelly Pittman

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Join us in this episode as we interview Kelly Pittman, author of "Awaken: A Goddess Yoga Journal." Discover the depths of her remarkable journal, offering women a judgment-free journey of self-discovery. "Awaken" invites women to embrace their true selves and find self-love. Kelly shares her lessons from self-publishing, her definition of simplicity, and an unexpected client favorite. Tune in for a candid interview unveiling the profound wisdom and guidance within "Awaken: A Goddess Yoga Journal."

  • Creating a journal may initially seem simple, but the process can be more complex than expected. Kelly’s initial idea of a simplistic design evolved as the journal was developed, and new ideas were added.

  • Kelly aimed to create a journal that felt like a conversation and allowed personal expression. The self-publishing process provided Kelly with her own opportunity for self-discovery and learning how to support clients in the best way possible.

  • Collaboration with Habitize Publishing was a hands-on experience and allowed Kelly to explore and adapt the journal's design and content. There was a good balance between Kelly's vision and Habitize Publishing's expertise.

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