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From Idea to Reality: The Journey of a Self-produced Game Designer

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, Erin is joined by guest Jordan McLaughlin, who shares his journey of creating a game from scratch. They discuss his sudden realization of having the skills and knowledge to make a game, including graphic design and marketing. Jordan talks about his first game, "Don't Get Stabbed," inspired by horror movie tropes. The conversation touches on Jordan's multi-passionate nature and parallels between self-publishing books and self-producing games. They explore his motivation for creating games for specific playgroups, each representing different aspects of his creativity. Personal examples, like making a game for his nephews, show Jordan's joy in bringing happiness to others through his creations.

  • Jordan's journey of creating games started when he realized he wanted to find his own thing and pursue his passion. He combined his graphic design, marketing, and writing skills to create games from scratch.

  • Jordan didn't wait for everything to be perfect before starting. He took action, learned new skills, and iterated his games based on feedback. Perseverance and learning from mistakes are essential in the entrepreneurial journey.

  • Jordan emphasizes the importance of not underestimating one's abilities. In the age of abundant resources and information, anyone can learn and pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

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