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Beyond Coaching: How a high-performance coach leveraged self-publishing to reach more clients

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Join us on Press Publish as we explore Charlene Jefferson's self-publishing journey. Charlene, a high-performance coach and author, crafted a powerful journal to help people reach their full potential. Discover how self-publishing enabled her to unleash creativity, create intentional pages, and open doors for her career. Don't miss this inspiring episode with Charlene and Erin for insights on expanding your voice, reaching a broader audience, and building your business!

  • The self-publishing space allowed Charlene to develop a collaborative, coaching-like relationship with her publisher, Habitize Publishing. The hands-on experience and using her voice as an author enhanced the content and experience of publishing her journal.

  • The publishing process was a learning experience for Charlene, and she encourages others to appreciate the journey and progress they make along the way.

  • Charlene and Erin discuss the joy of holding the physical book and the sense of achievement upon becoming a published author.

Listen to the full episode!

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