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Awakening the Author Within: Alicia Hopkins’ Journey from Podcasting to Publishing

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

On this week’s episode of Press Publish, Erin Galloway is joined by podcaster, friend, and published author Alicia Hopkins to discuss limiting beliefs holding us back, living life as our authentic selves, and finding the courage to do the things you have always wanted to do! If you have a vision to become a published author or want to hear how Alicia overcame fears around starting her podcast and self-publishing, tune into the full episode to hear stories from someone who may have been in your same shoes!

  • Alicia’s fear of judgment kept her from starting her podcast, The Wake Up Call Podcast. She spent the majority of her life doing things for other people, but after completing a few episodes, she learned the importance of doing things authentically. Now, after 85+ episodes, Alicia continues to embrace her confidence while also managing her thoughts to keep moving forward.

  • When publishing her first journal, Bring Your Shit to Light, Alicia learned to trust her gut and the publishing process. She learned the importance of reminding herself that her words are valuable and deserve to be heard by others. Her journal reflects the idea of going through life in your own way, not worrying about what society deems as “successful.” Bring Your Shit to Light is a non-traditional journal, allowing the writer to be on their own journey and work through the journal at their own pace.

  • Having the title “published author” sounded intimidating and something that Alicia never thought she could say. Self-publishing opens the publishing space to help first-time authors overcome limiting beliefs. Authors have the ability to be completely hands-on from beginning to end, learn new skills they never thought possible, and make decisions that stay true to themselves.

Support Alicia and her journal, Bring Your Shit to Light, now on Amazon!

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