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From Dissertation to Publication: How this Author Navigated his Publishing Journey

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, we chat with author Cory Driver about his writing journey. He discusses his motivation for writing, his debut book's focus, and publishing challenges. We explore his experience turning a dissertation into a book, seeking mentorship, and making tough decisions while publishing. We also delve into his second book's creative process, where he embraces unconventional genres. Cory's candid sharing reveals personal growth and the spiritual impact of his writing journey. This episode highlights self-expression, pushing boundaries, and the transformative effect of storytelling on individuals and communities.

  • Cory emphasizes that not all writers are seeking international bestseller status. Personal goals, such as sharing meaningful stories with oneself and others, can be as fulfilling. The author's satisfaction came from sharing stories and keeping commitments to those who shared their stories with them.

  • Recognizing that not all readers will connect with or enjoy their work, Cory acknowledges that writing is vulnerable. He appreciates the diverse reactions and responses, whether positive or negative, and recognizes that different people resonate with different narratives.

  • Cory reflects on embracing the title "author" as he works on subsequent books. While writing books is an important part of their life, he identifies primarily as a parent and recognizes his role as an author as just one facet of his identity.

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