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Persistence Pays Off: How This Self-Published Author Finally Published After 17 Years

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

In this episode of Press Publish, we talk to Brandon Detwiler, a self-published children's book author. Brandon shares his journey of publishing his story, "Clyde the Reindeer Learns to Fly," written 17 years ago. We discuss the joy of connecting with a community and the rewarding feeling of knowing his words and illustrations touch lives. We also explore how self-publishing empowered Brandon to work closely with the illustrator and make impactful decisions throughout the publishing process. Join us for an inspiring conversation as we celebrate the triumphs and challenges of a self-published author who never let time dampen their storytelling spirit. Get ready to discover the limitless possibilities of self-publishing. Stick around for the end of the episode, where Brandon reads his book aloud!

  • Brandon had a story he held onto for almost two decades and finally decided to write it before his oldest son’s 17th birthday. The story was originally written and illustrated on paper before digital tools were widely available.

  • The first book served as a jumping-off point for Brandon to create more books in the future. Seeing the illustrations and sharing the story with others made Brandon’s book feel real and humbling. Self-publishing allowed for personal touches and customization that traditional publishing may not have allowed.

  • Publishing the second book brought new challenges and opportunities, including building a world of characters and expanding the readership. The self-publishing experience opened up new possibilities and encouraged Brandon to pursue other opportunities and face new fears.

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