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Exploring Publishing Possibilities: Future Publishing in the Coaching and Consulting Space

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Join Erin and Jonalyn in this episode as they candidly discuss Jonalyn's journey and considerations regarding publishing in the coaching and consulting industry. Jonalyn, a seasoned coaching consultant with a unique people-first approach, shares insights on why she hasn't pursued publishing, her thoughts on the existing publishing landscape, and the potential tipping point that may prompt her to explore this opportunity for her field. Erin encourages Jonalyn to reflect on her industry, notice gaps in published works, and value sharing her experiences and lessons with others. Together, they explore the intersection of business and empathy, the importance of supporting leaders, and the evolving needs of a post-pandemic world. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the coaching and consulting space and how Jonalyn's unique perspective could inspire the next generation of thought leaders.

  • Jonalyn is a coaching consultant with a people-first approach who supports leaders and teams in implementing strategies across various industries. She has considered publishing but hasn't pursued it yet. The industry is saturated with published works, and Jonalyn's unique people-oriented approach makes it challenging to define a specific model for publishing.

  • While Jonalyn is open to publishing, she is currently more comfortable being a contributor. She must be true to herself and her approach in any potential writing endeavors. She values learning from others and incorporating diverse perspectives in her work.

  • Jonalyn advises others to trust themselves and be honest about their publication readiness or desire. It's important to differentiate between not being ready and not wanting to pursue publishing. The definitive "no" is just as valid as the "yes.

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