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From Concept to Creation: A First-Time Author’s Journey to Bringing a Kids Book to Life

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

On this episode of the Press Publish Podcast, Jess Bubbico is here to discuss her new book, Jessi Lou & the Magic of You! Jess discusses her journey in the self-publishing process, taking listeners back to when the story was just an idea. If you are an aspiring author looking to gain valuable insights, practical tips, and the encouragement you need to embark on your own self-publishing adventure, join us for this episode of Press Publish.

  • Jess embarked on a journey of self-publishing from 2020 to 2022. She initially saw publishing the book as a way to connect with others, using it as a conversation starter and a means of forming relationships.

  • Jess valued creative control and appreciated the hands-on approach to self-publishing. The collaboration on illustrations for the book went smoothly, with a shared vision between herself and the illustrator, leading to opportunities for expansion and improvement.

  • Self-publishing was seen as a powerful tool for making personalized connections and genuinely showcasing authenticity. To Jess’ surprise, the book's impact extended beyond the speaker's immediate audience, reaching unknown individuals and making a meaningful connection.

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