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Crafting a Book with Purpose

In this episode of the Press Publish Podcast, we dive into a candid discussion with author, Cher Anderton. Cher shares her thoughts behind her book, ‘Could It Be Better?’ which explores the foundational skills of social and emotional intelligence. Join us as Cher tells her story of how this transformative work evolved from years of experience in the fields of mental health, education, and corporate consulting. Discover how a pivotal moment of business dissolution led to the birth of this book, offering practical tools for personal growth. Dive into candid conversations about the challenges of self-publishing, the power of deadlines, and the ongoing process of embracing imperfection. Together, we'll explore the evolving landscape of self-help literature, guided by an author passionate about fostering human connection and growth.

  • Cher was first inspired to write a book when she noticed gaps in various fields she had worked in. This led her to want to create something that offered foundational skills in social and emotional intelligence. It's important to recognize where there may be a need for your expertise or unique perspective.

  • Having a structured schedule, along with setting a deadline for a book signing event, provided Cher with the motivation and accountability needed to complete her book. Setting specific goals and deadlines can be a powerful way to make progress on a creative project.

  • Cher acknowledges that her book isn't perfect and even encourages readers to point out typos. This serves as a reminder that it's okay for creative works to have imperfections, and the pursuit of perfection should not be a barrier to sharing valuable content. Self-publishing allows authors to make tweaks and refine their original works without stress.

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