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Empowering Women Podcast: “Habitize Your Life”

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Shannon Bumgarner, host of the Empowering Women Podcast discusses with Founder of Habitize Publishing, Erin Galloway about her journey leading her to creating her publishing company. Read here the key takeaways from this episode before listening!


Erin’s career path has not been a linear one. The main common denominator in her career path is habits. Erin has developed a strong understanding of building habits and has spent her career learning to lead entrepreneurs, multi-passionate people, parents, etc. down a successful habit-building path. Her winding path leads her to build her businesses: Habitize Publishing and Habitized Life. With these platforms, Erin has reached coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, and aspiring authors to share their stories while building habits.


  • Connect your habits to an emotion rather than an outcome. Find your true reason why you want a habit to stick. Rather than an app, influencer, or article telling you why you should start a habit, understand the real reason why the habit may be valuable for you.

  • Where to start? Try making a list of core habits that are important to you. These are your anchor habits. When you are only able to achieve a few anchor habits, it’s still a good day. Giving yourself grace will make it easier for habits to stick.

  • “Technology has made it easier for us to communicate, but not connect.” Setting boundaries around technology and personal devices will make space for the intentional connections we are wishing for.

Listen to the full episode:

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