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Do Not Bring Brain Fog From 2021 Into The New Year

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

With 2022 approaching you are about to be bombarded with messages about resolutions, manifesting, and vision boarding but you do not need a "New Year, New You". While aspects of giving yourself a fresh headspace to start a new calendar year may sound refreshing, let us remind you ...

You are where you are and who you are meant to be at this very point in time. Even if this moment is arguably one of the most challenging times you've ever faced in your life.

We encourage you to not change who you are but be honest about what really makes you content at the end of the day.

Let's start with something simple like how you mentally approach your health habits and all of the tasks you need or want to accomplish each day.

When you look at your daily task list, bullet journal, planner, etc. from yesterday do you notice a pattern of whether you focus on what you did cross of the list as complete or what you did not cross off the list?

We found that most women focus on what they DID NOT accomplish more than what they did. And this pattern only intensifies for parents and gets even more intense among female entrepreneurs.

What makes you feel accomplished is personal and even those who approach life with a "glass half full" perspective still often focus on what they did not accomplish more than what they did.

So let's find out what would feel good to you as of right now in your life. Not where you want to be in 2022. Where you are today.

Imagine if you were looking down at that same daily task list, bullet journal, planner, etc. but the pages are blank. Now visualize seeing ___ number of lines or checkboxes indicating all the tasks you completed. What number of lines or checkboxes would feel productive enough for you on an average day?

Does 5 tasks complete seem acceptable but only if it's 5 tasks before 8 am?

Does 15 tasks sound a little better if you break it up across the morning and afternoon?

Does 25 tasks before 10 pm start to feel questionable but possibly realistic?

Does 50 tasks seem overwhelming?

Curious to find out what number would feel comfortable to you? Let our new Focus on 3 planner pages serve as your guide!

Step One: Download the "Focus on 3" planner page templates.

Habitize Publishing Focus on 3 Planner Pages 12.2021
Download PDF • 4.56MB

Step Two: Read the introduction and determine which planner page templates align best with the life you are currently living at this point in time.

Step Three: Try the planner pages for a minimum of one week.

Step Four: (optional) Want to celebrate what you learned? Send us an email to that shares the answer to the following statement... "I learned that ______ tasks a day feels good me."

Have fun with this! I mean what have you got to lose by trying it out?!

At Habitize Publishing we love working with clients to create custom habit trackers, planners, and journals that inspire curiosity on how to improve daily productively and reduce decision fatigue. Have an idea for a custom tool for your own clients, team, or just for yourself - drop us an email!

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