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Breaking Through the Block: Strategies for Overcoming Writer's Block

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Writer's block is common among all writers: best-selling authors, children's book creators, self-development writers, memoirists and so many more. As humans, it is normal to get writer's block; however, it doesn’t have to affect you every day. With these strategies for overcoming writer’s block, the next time you hit the block, you’ll be armed with ways to push past it.

  • Take a break

  • Change your environment

  • Use writing prompts/ exercises

  • Break writing into smaller tasks

  • Find inspiration from other sources

Take a Break

Take a break: the words we all love to hear when a break is much needed. If you have been sitting in front of your computer for a while, or have your pen in hand with a few words written down, consider the strategy of letting yourself take a break. Taking a break can be an effective way to spark creativity, and inspiration again. It lets your brain focus on other things besides the blank page in front of you. While you are breaking, you are taking in your environment and creating new thoughts and ideas. You may grab a snack and be sparked with the perfect idea for the ending of your chapter. The breath of fresh air outside may inspire you to add more detail to your story. Taking a break does not have to feel unproductive. Think of it as a mental and physical reset to preserve your writing time in the long run.

Change Your Environment

Sometimes, overcoming writer's block is as simple as moving your things to a new location. After being in the same spot for hours at a time, there are not a lot of new stimuli for your brain to utilize. It can get boring and repetitive making it difficult to overcome writer's block. Moving to a new location gives your brain other things in your environment to focus on. If you have always done your writing at home in the same spot, but find yourself experiencing the block, try writing in a park, at a coffee shop, or at a different desk in your home. Being in a public setting may help some writers who like to feed off others’ energy. Getting to be around people may be fueling and can help to spark inspiration for characters, settings, and stories. Other writers may feel one with nature, so writing in a park may be the best way to get ideas flowing. If you are a new writer and do not know what the best writing environment is, test out different locations to see which eliminates writer’s block the best.

Use Writing Prompts

Taking a step back from your personal work and working through writing prompts may help overcome writer's block. One of the best ways to get better at writing and overcome writer's block, in the long run, is to keep writing. Instead of stopping your writing altogether while experiencing the block, working through prompts may help your brain to continue flowing with ideas and thoughts. Consider finding prompts that cover similar themes to what you are personally wanting to write about. This can help get your ideas flowing in the same direction as where you want to take your story. There are a number of exercises, websites, and journals with guided prompts to help you to get your creative juices flowing again.

Break Writing into Smaller Tasks

For some, setting too big of writing goals can be the catalyst for writer's block. If the goal is too large and it feels unattainable, writer’s block can arise due to feelings of overwhelm and stress. All your brain is focusing on is how much or how long you have to write, not the creative ideas getting more words on the page. Setting writing goals into smaller and achievable tasks, will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Breaking your writing into smaller tasks is more productive and efficient in the long run. You are likely going to eliminate writer's block, or at least an extreme case of it, when tasking yourself with achievable writing goals. Finishing these small writing tasks can also help boost your confidence by giving you a sense of accomplishment, making it more enjoyable to continue writing.

Find Inspiration from Other Sources

If you are feeling uninspired, turn to other sources to get your creativity flowing. Movies, shows, music, museums, or anything you find that fuels your inner creator can help to jumpstart more ideas. Inspiration can come when you least expect it. Exposing your brain to different stories, ideas, and methods of creativity may be all you need to get the next idea in your head. Remember that the people behind the writing of your favorite books, movies, shows, and even artists have suffered from the block. When observing other sources for inspiration, try to understand the perspective of the creator. Getting into their head may help you unlock the block!

There are a number of other ways to overcome the block. Test out different strategies to see what works for you. Each day is a new day, so there may be days when certain strategies don’t work. Test out a new strategy, give yourself grace, and keep your head up. This block too shall pass!

What other strategies do you use to overcome the block? Leave a comment down below or email us at

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