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5 Habits You Need To Start Right Now

The harsh reality is nothing happens without YOU taking action towards your goal. Sometimes you’ve just gotta put on your big girl pants and work towards getting the job done.

There is no perfect time, the perfect workout scenario, kids napping at the same time every day, perfectly clean house, or perfectly organized fridge. It simply doesn’t exist. For anyone. So why put that pressure on yourself?

Here are five habits you need to start right now that cost nothing to start!

1. Boundary Setting.

You need time to yourself and it’s okay to ask for that. Whether it’s 20 minutes for a self-care, no interruptions while reading or 60 minutes for a yoga class, figure out how to make it work. Say no to what isn’t serving you and make room for something that is. This a prime parenting moment to model for your kids why boundaries are important.

To get started:

  • Over breakfast tell your family, "At some point today I need 20 minutes of mommy time. You can help decide when I take that time but I will take 20 minutes at some point today."

  • Add 30 minutes of "quiet time" to the schedule for 3-5 days a week when everyone in the house goes to their own space. This way no one feels left out and everyone learns how to take a break.

2. Taking Action.

Don’t wait for the stars to align just right for you to start something new. Don’t wait for January Don’t wait for Monday. Don’t even wait for tomorrow. Start NOW.

To get started:

  • Print the habit tracker from our FREE Habitize Roadmap Action Guide and fill it in with habits that you are currently doing (go ahead and 1 new habit to stretch yourself while you're at it).

  • Choose one teeny tiny task that you've been holding out on and get it done today! Even if it's a small part of a bigger task just do step one and allow yourself to feel accomplished without thinking about all the other steps still ahead of you.

3. Schedule time for movement.

Exercise isn’t something we hope to get done if we have enough time. Your health matters. You may need to say no to someone or something else (see number 1), but this should be non-negotiable.

To get started:

  • Start stretching during TV ads/commercial breaks or while playing with your little one on the floor. Don't set a time goal or predetermine the number of reps you complete. Just do what naturally feels good while doing another activity and see what you're motivated to schedule in the next day or so.

  • Add 15-20 minutes of beginner yoga or strength training to your morning routine so you don't have to think about all the steps related to transportation, showering, etc.

4. Make time for meal prep.

Yes, at first meal prep is time-consuming. Ugh, the menus, the ingredients, the grocery store trips. But the longer you do it, the more you will develop a system. Maybe you realize that you can make double batches of something and freeze it. Maybe you start buying extra avocados or always have crushed almonds on hand. Once you start making time to prepare healthy meals, it becomes second nature.

To get started:

  • Prep one common menu item for 3-5 days such as protein or veggies or salads so it can be used on different days or different meals.

  • Prep one meal for 3-5 days such as snacks or kid's lunches or breakfast so you can at least one meal that's simplified for the week.

5. Shift your mind.

If you’re convincing yourself that you’re too old, too out of shape, or too tired to make a change, just stop. Seriously. You can do anything you set your mind to. If your goal is to run a marathon, figure out how to train for it. Put in the time. Tell yourself not only can you do it, but that you’re worth it.

To get started:

  • Choose a mantra for the week. Don't overthink which one is the BEST fit. Just choose one and get in the practice of saying it daily.

  • Add a positive message to your digital calendar as an all-day appointment or create a 3pm reminder with a message that helps reframe your mindset mid-day.

Can you commit to these five life-changing habits? Choose one small action for each of these 5 habits today and see how you feel tomorrow!

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