Because you're not who you were before you had kids. 

We believe you don't have to struggle to build a healthy life.

Are you ready to learn how habits can transform every part of your family's lifestyle from nutrition and fitness to mindfulness and parenting?

We can show you how.

The Habitized Life isn't just another habit tracker.

Our unique method is built around five core motivators that are the key to creating habits that last. 

Maintaining a purposeful, trusting relationship with yourself, your family, or community that reminds yourself and others that you have a place in this world.


Making a commitment to establish healthy boundaries and to remain focused regardless of personal motivation or outside influences.


Believing you can persevere through any planned or unplanned obstacle you or your family are faced with and there is a useful lesson to be learned in every experience.


Knowing options always exist in every decision and situation and that taking ownership of your health habits will result in expansion of what's possible in your life.


Openness to asking more questions, overcoming fears, rebounding from failures, and developing empathy for ourselves and each other.


We're just 2 moms trying to keep other moms from losing their $#*!

We started virtually coaching each other on our own nutrition and parenting goals from  opposite coasts. Overtime we realized the tools we created for ourselves and our families were the start of a unique framework other families could use to create routines and systems so more homes could be consistent with healthy habits.


Using our combined expertise in wellness, education, and space organization we spent early mornings and late nights designing a unique method of selecting and maintaining habits for moms that's more real and relatable than any other system we've seen before.


And we want to teach you how to do this for your own family.

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"What I would tell myself at the beginning of this journey now looking back on it is …. 

Don't be afraid to go within, rest there, heal there, before you can alter/change your body.


Their method helped me know where my gaps are (and where they are not) and how to adapt when I feel ready. I'm now comfortable having a health plan that prepares me for times when I'm focused on nutrition, movement, and sleep but also gives me a plan to cycle in periods of alone time and resetting during times of stress."

– Alissa

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